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Silicone Bicycle Grip


Silicone Bicycle Grip


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Are you seriously cycling with a worn-out handgrip? No wonder you’re always uncomfortable — hands slipping and palms aching!




As a rule, you need to change your bike handgrip every year or at least tape it. But even if you use handlebar tape, it will still not be as effective as a strong non-slip bike grip like the Silicone Bicycle Grip that covers the handlebars, providing better control and more comfort while cycling.


Get a stronger grip (and avoid accidents!) with the Silicone Bicycle Grip!



Silicone Bicycle Grip Non-slip silicone rubber grip that gives you better control of your bicycle.

Silicone Bicycle Grip Wear-resistant & soft material that withstands every type of weather and gives you utmost comfort.

Silicone Bicycle Grip Suitable for all kinds of bicycles including mountain bikes.




Silicone Bicycle Grip Handlebar gloves that protect your hands and prevent hand numbness.

Silicone Bicycle Grip Original gift idea for a friend or relative who likes cycling.



Silicone Bicycle Grip Specifications :

Material: rubber + aluminum alloy

Color: white, black, golden, red blue

Length: 13cm




Silicone Bicycle Grip Package list :

1* Silicone bicycle grip

1* Handlebar gloves

1* Lock bar end


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Silicone Bicycle Grip

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