4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


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4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder

You can’t view GPS positioning when riding a bike? Tired of shouting at pedestrians and other drivers to protect yourself? You need lights when cycling at night or in a dark alley? Solve all these issues with our 4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder!


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


The 4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder is a must-have tool for all bike riders! You don’t need to get multiple accessories for your bike anymore because the 4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder is a phone holder, power bank, bike horn, and front lights (that can turn into an emergency flashlight!). You will have easy access to your phone while keeping it charged, alarm others when you are around, and keep your way illuminated during any weather because it is also waterproof! This is your chance to have safe bike rides, so order yours now!


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder The 4 in 1 bike phone holder will provide everything a cyclist needs for a safe, convenient ride.

4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder Strong &steady mobile phone holder that will keep your smartphone protected.


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder High-decibel horn to inform other vehicle drivers when you are around to keep you safe.

4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder USB charger to keep your phone charged the entire time.


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder Two LED lights to brighten your path at night and be your emergency flashlight to keep you from unpredicted accidents.

4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder Shock absorbing pad to protect your phone from scratching.


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder Width adjustment & wide compatibility with all phones and bikes.

4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder Adjustable & elastic clips that provide good stability and cannot be smashed.

4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder Durable & waterproof to keep you cycling during all weathers.


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder SPECIFICATIONS :

Color: red / black / orange / blue

Material: ABS

Size: width 60MM* length 120MM

Chuck range: 50-80MM (4-6.3inch mobile phone)

Use time: 6-12 hours

Charging type: USB charging

Charging time: 5 hours

Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

Output voltage / current: 0.8A

Headlight brightness: 400 lumens

Lamp type: LED lamp beads *2

Light mode: glare / write light / strobe

Speaker decibel: 130 decibels

Sound mode: 5 sound modes

Mobile phone size requirements: 4-6.3 inch mobile phone


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder


4 In 1 Bike Phone Holder PACKAGE LIST :

1* horn light

1* soft rubber gasket

1* horn switch

1* base

1*USB charging cable



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