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Cycling Polarized Glasses


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No matter if cycling for you is just for leisure or also to go to work…You know how wind and sun make it less comfortable for your eyes. But your rides will never be the same with these Cycling Polarized Glasses!


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These Cycling Polarized Glasses are what your eyes need to be protected against strong wind and burning sun. Their ergonomic design will fit your face comfortably and securely. They are 100% protection against UV rays up to 400nm, as this polarized lens restores true color and eliminates glare. Made with high quality and durable materials, you’ll be surprised that it’s super lightweight and very shatter-resistant!


It’s time to ride your bike and cycling skills to a whole new level and distance with these Cycling Polarized Glasses!

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Cycling Polarized Glasses Ergonomic & adjustable design to fit any size comfortably and securely for a smooth ride.

Cycling Polarized Glasses High-quality & durable material that makes these cycling glasses very shatter-resistant.


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Cycling Polarized Glasses Polarized lenses with 100% protection against UV rays up to 400nm.

Cycling Polarized Glasses Efficient cycling glasses that restore true color, eliminate glares and are made with very impact resistant polycarbonate material.


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Cycling Polarized Glasses Soft & super lightweight, making it perfect for long rides without you feeling them.

Cycling Polarized Glasses Ideal for cycling, fishing, running, or any other outdoor activity of your choice.


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Cycling Polarized Glasses Specifications :

Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400 Sunglasses

Lens Height: 48 mm

Lens width: 137 mm

Frame Color: Black

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Frame Material: Acetate

Glasses Total Weight: 120g


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Cycling Polarized Glasses Package List :

1* Polarized Cycling Glasses

1* Glasses Box Outer Packaging

1* Original Glasses Case

1* Glasses Bag

1* Glasses Cloth

1* Polarized Light Test Card

1* Product Card

1* 1 Inner Frame For Shortsighted Lenses


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Cycling Polarized Glasses

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