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Multi-tool BeltPocket


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A craftsman’s and a hiker’s common best friend is their pocket! When you’re doing repair works around the house or hiking up mountains, you want your tools to be within reach at all times, and that’s exactly what the Multi-tool BeltPocket is for!


Multitool Leather Sheath Multi function Drill Holster Waist Belt Tool Pouch Bag Waterproof Knife Holder Multi Outdoor Belt Set|Tool Parts| - AliExpress


Our exclusive belt can carry multi-function tools, such as a pocket knife, flashlight, or tactical pen thanks to its two reliable pockets, allowing quick access to the tools. It’s durable smooth leather so you can invest in something that will last a lifetime!


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Multi-tool BeltPocket Multi-tool holder with two pockets that you can link to your belt and put different tools (knife, tactical pens, flashlight, etc).

Multi-tool BeltPocket High-quality, smooth, durable 2mm leather where you can keep your items safe and close for a long time!


leather tool holster_0012_img_5_Outdoor_Leather_Tool_Knife_Sheath_Pocket.jpg


Multi-tool BeltPocket Suitable for crafts, outdoor adventures like hiking, backpacking, hunting, or fishing.

Multi-tool BeltPocket Open design for easy access to different tools, especially during emergencies.


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Multi-tool BeltPocket Odorless surface so you won’t deal with unpleasant leather odor!

Multi-tool BeltPocket Suitable for straps with a maximum width of 2.25 inches.


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Multi-tool BeltPocket Specifications :

Material: leather

Color: black, brown, reddish-brown

Size: 13.5 * 15.2cm


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Multi-tool BeltPocket Package list  :

1* Multi-tool BeltPocket



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Multi-tool BeltPocket

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