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Camping Lantern Flashlight


Camping Lantern Flashlight


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You don’t know the value of a flashlight until you have a power outage or find yourself stranded in the wilderness in total darkness! Whether you’re planning to go camping or just need that extra reliable flashlight in your house, you need a good flashlight, and why not a trendy-looking one as well?


Camping Lantern Flashlight


You will find all that in the Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight! This lantern flashlight is perfect for any outdoor activities like hiking or camping as it is easy to hang on your camping tent, which will give you peace of mind!


Want to find your light at the end of the tunnel? Order your Camping Lantern Flashlight!

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Camping Lantern Flashlight  Two-way hook that makes it easy to hang on your tent while camping or caring in case of emergency.

Camping Lantern Flashlight Waterproof lantern flashlight suitable for use under heavy rain. It won’t get damaged at all!

Camping Lantern Flashlight Unbreakable, stretchable & portable lantern flashlight that is easy to grab when you’re in a hurry.


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Camping Lantern Flashlight  Emits powerful light from LED bulbs, making it super reliable in pitch-black jungle or mountain!

Camping Lantern Flashlight Adjustable two types of lighting modes: side LED red light & flashing light for emergencies to always have reliable backup lights!

Camping Lantern Flashlight USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying wherever you are.


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Camping Lantern Flashlight Lithium-Ion built-in battery that can be recharged fast and is more stable so you’ll have stress-free camping!

Camping Lantern Flashlight Lighting period lasts for 8 hours so you can take it with you on long night hikes with no worries!


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Camping Lantern Flashlight Specifications  :

Color: black

Irradiation distance: 180-240 meters

Brightness parameter: main flashlight 310LM side light white light 290LM

Base Type: Magnet

Battery: Not required

Material: ABS + stainless steel handle


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Camping Lantern Flashlight Package list :

1* Lantern flashlight


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Camping Lantern Flashlight

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