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Mini Keychain Flashlight


Mini Keychain Flashlight


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Looking for an easy and quick source of light in the dark?  You don’t need to carry the big and heavy flashlight every time, there is a better way to give yourself the light you need…


Mini Keychain Flashlight


Meet our Mini Keychain Flashlight, a powerful, small, and easy to use flashlight that can illuminate an entire room at night. Simply attach it to your keys and you will have a light with you anytime, anywhere! The Keychain Flashlight provides bright light, long battery life, and durability, so don’t hesitate to get yours!


The Mini Keychain Flashlight is your best compact and easy source of light!  

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Mini Keychain Flashlight A superb performance of the mini keychain flashlight will prevent you from needing other alternatives.

Mini Keychain Flashlight Bright light that is enough to illuminate your surroundings with ease.

Mini Keychain Flashlight Suitable for long-distance observation, large area illumination, and all night outdoor activities.


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Mini Keychain Flashlight Small, durable & lightweight to keep with your keys in your pocket all day.

Mini Keychain Flashlight Built-in battery that recharges quickly and provides long battery life.

Mini Keychain Flashlight Easy to use with rotatable switch design to turn on the light easily.


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Mini Keychain Flashlight Ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

Mini Keychain Flashlight Exquisite design that will charm anyone as a gift idea.


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Mini Keychain Flashlight Specifications :

Lamp beads: XPE

Battery: Built-in Battery

Lighting mode: Single File

Charging method: USB Rechargeable

Material: ABS

Size: 5.2cm*2.2cm*2.2m


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Mini Keychain Flashlight Package List :

1* Keychain flashlight


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Mini Keychain Flashlight

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