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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash


Hands-Free Dog Running Leash


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Are you someone that struggles to hold onto a leash for an hour walking your dog? or simply looking for a way to go for a run in the mornings with your dog without having to hold the leash with your hands( which is quite impossible!)? Well, this product is for you!


Hands Free Dog Running Belt with Elastic Leash – BetterBone


This waterproof and hands-free dog running leash will put an end to the pain of pulling back your dog during walks every day. Besides, it’s very practical and has a large storage capacity allowing you to keep your phone and other belongings safe and sound!


Get one today!

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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Hands-Free Leash, no worries about holding a leash for an hour during your walks with your dog!

Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Practical & convenient with a headphone hole.


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Hands-Free Dog Running LeashWaterproof and sweatproof, perfect to carry in all seasons and weather conditions.

Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Comes with an adjustable belt-ring traction rope, strong and durable!


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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Features a large storage waist Pouch, where you can keep all your belongings for yourself and your dog.

Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Applicable to most people sizes


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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Specifications :

Material: Nylon

Pattern: Solid

Weight: 293g

Adjustable range: 76-110 cm


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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash Package List :

1* running hands-free dogs leash bag



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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash

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