60×60 3000M Binoculars


60×60 3000M Binoculars


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Do you love watching wildlife? Obviously, and for safety reasons, you need to do it from afar, and your human eyes can’t help you see that far with great clarity, which is why we recommend The 60×60 3000M Binoculars.




These 60×60 3000M Binoculars are made with FCM coated lens to provide clear and sharp vision up to 3000 meters! These HD  Binoculars are powerful that can enhance vision in low light to keep you watching the animals even when it’s not sunny. They are lightweight, compact, and handheld to easily carry anywhere!


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60×60 3000M Binoculars The 60×60 3000M Binoculars can magnify your vision up to 3000 meters.

60×60 3000M Binoculars FCM coated lens that provides high saturation and bright color for better visual quality.

60×60 3000M Binoculars Adjustable lens to help you fix the issue of insufficient light.


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60×60 3000M BinocularsSmooth zoom with precision focus system and 60X60 magnifications.

60×60 3000M Binoculars Durable & safe for the eyes, regardless of age.


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60×60 3000M Binoculars Lightweight & portable with a hanging rope and special case for easy carry.

60×60 3000M Binoculars Ideal for outdoor activities like bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, concerts, explorations, and more.


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60×60 3000M Binoculars Specifications :

Material: plastic
Color: Black
Size: 18×14.5x6cm/7”x5.7”x2.36”
Magnification: 60X
Eyepiece diameter: 16mm/0.6”
Objective diameter: 35mm/1.37”
Objective and green film: yes
Built-in coordinates: yes
Distance: 5-3000m
Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.0mm
Shuttle mirror: K9
Sheath: rubber skin
Angle: 8.2 degree
for Minimum focusing distance: 5.0m
for Horizon: 17mm
Relative brightness: 25.00
Water fog: yes


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60×60 3000M Binoculars Package List :

1* Binocular
1* Cleaning cloth
1* Storage Bag for Binocular
1* Grab Rope
1* User Manual


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60×60 3000M Binoculars

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