23 In 1 Shovel


23 In 1 Shovel


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23 In 1 Shovel


When camping, you never know what situation you might find yourself in. This is why you always struggle to decide which tool to take because they are all heavy, big, and unpractical! So, do you want to make your adventures easier and way more enjoyable?




We present to you the only survival tool you’ll ever need: The 23 In 1 Shovel! Regardless of what you need, this Survival Shovel will provide it. You can shovel, cut, dig, hunt, hammer, and even light a fire with it! And once you are done with it, fold it into 3 parts and you will have a compact and lightweight tool that you can hide in your backpack.


Solve all your problems without making too much effort with The 23 In 1 Shovel!

23 In 1 Shovel


23 In 1 Shovel The 23 in 1 shovel combines all tools that you could ever need when camping or while working on your garden.

23 In 1 Shovel Multifunctional as it provides many features, including shoveling, bracing, digging, cutting, hammering, chipping, axing, hunting, window breaking, gardening, and more.


23 In 1 Shovel


23 In 1 Shovel 3- Way folding design as it collapses into a portable, compact shovel to ensure having everything without carrying big, heavy tools.

23 In 1 Shovel Sturdy shovel that can pass all the durability and destruction tasks.


23 In 1 Shovel


23 In 1 Shovel High-quality & durable material that can withstand the hard work.

23 In 1 Shovel Ideal for campers, hikers, hunters, backpackers, etc.


23 In 1 Shovel




Type: Multifunctional Spade & Shovel

Material: Carbon Steel

Application: Camping Shovel


23 In 1 Shovel


23 In 1 Shovel PACKAGE LIST :

1* Multifunctional shovel



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