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Stainproof T-Shirt


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Summer is here and so are ice cream stains, wet sand, and soft drinks! Having to change your T-shirt or even run late for a date because of a stain is really annoying! But you know what, you can stain your shirt all you want if you have this Stainproof T-shirt.


Anti-Dirt Waterproof T-Shirt - Pama Goods


This T-shirt never gets dirty! You can spill drinks, food, water, ink, wine, and even oil on it, but it would still be as clean as new. Plus, it’s 100% comfortable to wear and is designed for all genders and seasons, just wear it with confidence and never be too careful anymore!


Give yourself the chance to be more spontaneous this summer with our Stainproof T-Shirt!

Stainproof T-Shirt


Stainproof T-Shirt The stainproof t-shirt will never get dirty or wet, not even oil, wine, or ink can stain it.

Stainproof T-Shirt Unique & extremely practical due to its anti-stain, friction-resistant, and waterproof material.


Stainproof T-Shirt


Stainproof T-Shirt Super-dry feature as it takes less than one second to be completely dry.

Stainproof T-Shirt Breathable & high-quality material that provides extreme comfort.


Stainproof T-Shirt


Stainproof T-Shirt No-shrinking & no-deforming after wash, and it takes only a few seconds to clean.

Stainproof T-Shirt Suitable for all seasons and for both women and men of all ages.


Stainproof T-Shirt


Stainproof T-Shirt Specifications :


Color: white, black, blue, gray


Fabric: Polyester

Style: Hedging, Casual

Edition type: Loose

Collar type: no collar

Necklineshape: round neck

sleevelength: short sleeve

Whetherhooded: no hood


Stainproof T-Shirt


Stainproof T-Shirt PackageList :

1* anti-stain shirt


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Stainproof T-Shirt

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