2 in 1 Pants


2 in 1 Pants


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When hiking, you’re going to come across a stream sooner or later and you’re going to have to cross it anyway. Well, guess who’s staying in soaked pants the whole day?


2 in 1 Pants


If you think you’re ready to go hiking without The 2 in 1 Pants, think again. These pants are quick to dry, suitable for any outdoor sports & activities including mountaineering, wading, swimming, etc., and can be detached and worn as shorts (2 in 1). Oh, and they are super comfortable and fashionable.


Upgrade your hiking experience with The 2 in 1 Pants!



2 in 1 Pants Detachable two-pants; you can wear them as pants or shorts if you like.

2 in 1 Pants Quick-drying; you won’t die from hypothermia.

2 in 1 Pants Suitable from spring to autumn seasons.




2 in 1 Pants Multi-pockets to keep your phone and similar survival items at reach!

2 in 1 Pants Multifunctional; can use for different outdoor activities especially ones that involve lots of water.

2 in 1 Pants Stretchable & comfortable to wear; won’t make walking long hours feel like a nightmare.




2 in 1 Pants For men in general but nothing can stop a lady from wearing these.

2 in 1 Pants Fashionable & cool-looking; you will hike and cross that river in style.

2 in 1 Pants Special gift idea for that special someone (they might get you out of the friendzone).



2 in 1 Pants Specifications :

Fabric: Memory fabric

Color: Black, army green, khaki

Size:  S to 3XL


2 in 1 Pants


2 in 1 Pants Package list :

1* 2 in 1 Pants


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2 in 1 Pants

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