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Multifunctional Emergency Torch


Multifunctional Emergency Torch


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What comes to your mind when you think of a dangerous situation like getting stuck in your car after an accident or in the middle of a flood, or getting lost in the dark while hiking? You need something that helps you break free and light up your path; you need the Multifunctional Emergency Torch!



This is not just a solar LED torch; it is a car escape tool combining a window breaker, seatbelt cutter to cut a jammed seatbelt, and a self-defense tool to help you out of any dangerous situation. 

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Multifunctional Emergency Torch Tactical torch 10 LED White Light +10 Red LED lights with high and medium brightness and flashing.

Multifunctional Emergency Torch Car emergency escape tool featuring self-defense torch, window breaker, seat belt cutter.


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Multifunctional Emergency Torch Solar-powered so you can rely on it anytime while hiking or camping, etc.

Multifunctional Emergency Torch Hands-free with a powerful magnet to attach it to the car or any metallic surface to use as a warning light, work light, etc.


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Multifunctional Emergency Torch Water-resistant & shock resistant anodized aluminum alloy body to use even in harsh weather conditions.

Multifunctional Emergency Torch USB rechargeable & comes with charging box to charge your phone for emergency.

Multifunctional Emergency Torch Durable and easy to grip and withstands falls.


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Multifunctional Emergency Torch Specifications :

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Battery Type: Built-in Battery

Micro USB Input: 5V 1A

USB Output: 5V 1A


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Multifunctional Emergency Torch Package List :

1*LED Flashlight

1* USB Charge Cable

1*USB Car Charger



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Multifunctional Emergency Torch

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