Stainless Steel Scaling Fish Knife


Stainless Steel Scaling Fish Knife


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Cleaning fish is such a sloppy, messy task. The blade you use to remove the scaling could be blunt, or the grip could be a little off, and BAM…you’ve just injured your hand!




The Stainless Steel Scaling Fish Knife’s sharp blade and comfortable handle help you get a good grip to make scaling, cutting, gutting fish easier, safer, quicker, and less messy. All you have to do is get your hands on one. Happy cooking


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🔸 Fish knife with a comfortable handle to help you safely clean fish.

🔸 Double-edged fish knife made for removing scale, gutting, and cutting fish.


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🔸 A sharp blade that easily cuts through the fish, unlike blunt blades that would slip and hurt you.

🔸 Eco-friendly and high quality, lasting stainless steel material.


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Material: Stainless steel

Type: Fish knife


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🔸 Package List:

1 x  Stainless Steel Scaling Fish Knife


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Stainless Steel Scaling Fish Knife

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