Mini Travel Razor

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Need to shave on the go? The mini travel razor is exactly what you need, especially when traveling, driving, or dealing with a very tight schedule.


Mini Travel Razor


The travel-size electric razor is so small, yet very efficient and convenient. You just plug it into your phone, power bank, or laptop, and enjoy quick, neat shaving. What’s more, mini travel razor is gentle on your skin, offers precise hair removal, leaves no residue, and can be cleaned in seconds!


Mini Travel Razor


You can carry the small travel razor everywhere and use it to shave your beard, hairlines, and hand or leg hair. The most amazing part is that the razor never goes out of power!


Get your own portable travel razor NOW! 

Mini Travel Razor


  • Mini Travel Razor Small & Portable; easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere. Plus, it takes almost no space.
  • Mini Travel Razor Plug and Play! No need to charge before use. Just plug it in and start shaving.  


Mini Travel Razor


  • Mini Travel Razor Precision blade technology and double ring plate for perfect shaving results and ultimate skin protection.
  • Mini Travel Razor Cleaning brush to easily remove the hairs stuck inside.


Mini Travel Razor


  • Mini Travel Razor Transparent hygienic safety cover to protect the razor after cleaning.
  • Mini Travel Razor Minimum power consumption; less than 1% in 10-minutes use.


Mini Travel Razor



Color: Royal Blue – Dark Blue – Gray

Material: Stainless steel blade + ABS shell

Interfaces:  Type C – Micro+USB – IOS

Rated Voltage: 3.7-5V

Rated Power: 1.2-1.8W


Mini Travel Razor


Package List

1*Magnetic Suction Phone Razor

1*Cleaning Brush

1*Plush Bag

1*Instruction Manual


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