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Spy Camera Glasses


Spy Camera Glasses


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Do you need something helpful for your undercover mission? Do you want to catch someone in their lie? Want to record beautiful sceneries while climbing without having to take your phone or camera out?




The Spy Camera Glasses features real-time video recording and picture taking, allowing you to secretly monitor or record an event, a secret meeting, or catch a dishonest person. It’s the perfect gadget for students, journalists, travelers, zoologists, climbers, traffic police, etc., that is also stylish!


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Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080P 78deg lens and 1/4 CMOS image sensor camera glasses that are comfortable and easy on the eyes.

Spy Camera Glasses A camera that supports image and video recording to catch suspicious people, take outdoor pictures, and more.


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Spy Camera Glasses Supports TF card & USB charging + connection with computer: connect the tiny camera to your computer and set the correct date and time for it. Timestamp can be turned off by setting.

Spy Camera Glasses Easy to use: Just press the button to take a video from your perspective. Press again to keep recording. Press and hold to snap a photo.


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Spy Camera Glasses Specifications :

Color: Black

Power duration: 1-2 hours

Power Adaptor: 5V DC/500mAh

Power consumption: <0.8W

Memory: Support Max 32GB

Working temp: 0℃-60℃

Storage temp: -20℃-80℃


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Spy Camera Glasses Package List :

1* Spy Camera Glasses


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Spy Camera Glasses

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