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Solar Horn Bike Light


Solar Horn Bike Light


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Solar Horn Bike Light

How many times have you ended up drafting an unpredictable rider, hitting a pedestrian with your bike, or bumping into unexpected obstacles because you cannot see the road clearly?


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Guess what?? With this Waterproof and super bright Solar Horn Bike Light, you can easily prevent such accidents. It will provide you with immense visibility even at night, allowing you to conquer mountains, climb with confidence, and ride down without any risk.


Get yours now!

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Solar Horn Bike Light USB & solar energy charging light bike, giving you the option to charge the batteries using a USB port or a more environment-friendly option, solar energy.

Solar Horn Bike Light 4 lighting modes, featuring a 1-button interface that takes you through all your light modes and allows you to switch between them.

Solar Horn Bike Light High Decibel Horn that can emit a warning sound up to 140 dB, thus keeping you safe and sound.


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Solar Horn Bike Light High-capacity Built-in 1200 mA lithium battery, providing 4 hours of strong light, 8 hours of weak light, and 8 hours of flash.

Solar Horn Bike Light 300LM luminous flux, 5W power, for you to illuminate the road ahead of the distance.

Solar Horn Bike Light Multifunctional, can be used as a bike light, as an emergency flashlight, and in different outdoor activities.


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Solar Horn Bike Light Waterproof Design that can stand heavy raining days and provide extra safety and protection, especially at night.

Solar Horn Bike Light 5 seconds installation, the mounting bracket makes it sturdy enough to hold the light to accompany you during your rough rides.


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Solar Horn Bike Light Specifications :

Product type: Solar Horn Bike Light

Material: ABS

Features: Horn + headlight +USB solar double charge

Lamp bead: XPE lamp bead

Lumen: 300LM 5W

Charging mode: USB direct charging/solar charging

Battery:1200mA lithium battery

Battery life: 4 hours of strong light, 8 hours of weak light, and 8 hours of flash

Mode: Weak light – strong light – flash -SOS



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Solar Horn Bike Light Package List :

1 x Solar Power Bike Light





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Solar Horn Bike Light

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