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Cycling Warning Backpack


Cycling Warning Backpack


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Did you know that many accidents happen to bikers due to a lack of warnings to drivers and passengers around them? Just like a vehicle, you also need warning signals to alarm people when you are stopping and what direction you are taking.


Cycling Warning Backpack


Get The Cycling Warning Backpack that is built to make your intentions visible to road users. Without taking your hands off the handlebar, you can safely use the wireless remote control to easily show drivers when you are going right, left, forward, or stopping! The Cycling Warning Backpack is waterproof, durable, and rechargeable.


Stop risking your life and get The Cycling Warning Backpack now for you and your loved ones! 

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Cycling Warning Backpack The cycling warning backpack is equipped with a reflective strip and LED lights to let passengers and drivers know your directions.

Cycling Warning Backpack Wireless remote controller to safely change your signals according to your needs.


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Cycling Warning Backpack Easy & quick to attach to your cycling backpack, making it the perfect add-on biking gear.

Cycling Warning Backpack 4 LED signals available: right, left, stop, forward.


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Cycling Warning Backpack USB rechargeable battery to charge quickly from any device with a USB port.

Cycling Warning Backpack Waterproof nylon fabric that will not be damaged if it gets rained on.


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Cycling Warning Backpack Specifications :

Size: length 400mm/15.75in, width 250mm/9.84in; height 150mm/5.90in
Weight: about 260g
Capacity: 15L
Material: polyester + waterproof nylon
Lamp beads: 30 LED lights (including charging indicator lights)
Lightboard: 85*70mm luminous display light board,
Battery: 500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery (built-in)


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Cycling Warning Backpack Package List :

1* Biking warning backpack
1* Remote Control
1* Manual
1* USB Charging Cable


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Cycling Warning Backpack

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