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Portable Electric Heater


Portable Electric Heater


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Is your home only warm during winter where you have the fireplace or a massive heater? You need to wear polar clothes while walking through your rooms? Are you looking for a portable way to heat any room? Look no further, because the Portable Electric Heater is here.


Portable Electric Heater


You can now warm up any room of your home with this small yet powerful Portable Electric Heater. It’s the perfect heat solution for cold winter days and nights. With 500W power, it will heat up any room very fast – and you won’t even hear the fan working –  so that you can have a relaxing and peaceful experience. Just simply plug it in any power socket and enjoy how cozy rooms will be. And if you need to adjust the temperature, stay seated, and use the remote control for that.


The winter is coming, and all you need is the Portable Electric Heater!

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Portable Electric Heater 500W power that can easily heat an entire room of around 20m2.

Portable Electric Heater Adjustable temperature between 59-90ºF (15-32ºC), that can be controlled with remote control.


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Portable Electric Heater Small enough to fit a cabin bag so that you can take it during your travels.

Portable Electric Heater Built-in over-heat protection so that safety is assured.


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Portable Electric Heater Timer function that allows you to know it will stop working after 12hours if not turned off manually.

Portable Electric Heater Low energy consumption with high levels of heating.


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Portable Electric Heater Premium quality materials that are safe to use and provide high durability.

Portable Electric Heater Portable & easy to use so that you can take it to any room.


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Portable Electric Heater Specifications :

Plug Type: US

Material: Premium Plastic

Color: White

Size: 110x110x180mm / 4.3×4.3×7.1”

Rated Voltage: 110V-220V

Power: 500W


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Portable Electric Heater Package List :

1* Portable Electric Heater

1* User Manual

1* Remote Control


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Portable Electric Heater

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