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Remember when you use to hack down a tree branch and find a random plastic band to shoot your shots? Gone are those days because now we have got the best Slingshot in the market.




Meet The Laser Slingshot that will allow you to get your shot every time!! It is built with laser light and an adjustable, comfortable handle that never slips. The Laser Slingshot is also lightweight, sturdy, stable, and with LED light to shoot even at night!


Relive your childhood memories the right way with The Laser Slingshot! Order Now!

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Laser Slingshot The laser slingshot gives a powerful and stable shooting to never miss your target.

Laser Slingshot Non-slip design with an ergonomic handle to keep your hand comfortable.

Laser Slingshot Adjustable mechanical aiming to easily aim and have a quick shoot.


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Laser Slingshot Built-in laser to help you aim quickly and easily.

Laser Slingshot LED light that can illuminate your aim when it’s dark for accurate shooting.

Laser Slingshot Strong & sturdy rubber band holder that ensures it is tightly installed.


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Laser Slingshot Specifications :

Outside width: 84mm
Inner width: 40mm
Length: 115mm
Weight: 123g


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Laser Slingshot Package List :

1* Laser slingshot

3* Rubber bands


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Laser Slingshot

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