8pcs Bike Cleaner


8pcs Bike Cleaner


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Hey, want to know a secret? That bike you’re riding looks quite dusty and I could almost swear I saw an army of germs all over it…When was the last you cleaned it?!


8pcs Bike Cleaner


Look, your bike needs a whole cleaning kit, not just one brush, to ensure that it’s clean and looking neat. Your bike needs this 8pcs Bike Cleaner that does not only perfectly cleans every nook and cranny (chains, seat, tires, and all!) but also does its job so well that it helps prevent any damage caused by dirt build-up.


There is literally no reason why you wouldn’t order The 8pcs Bike Cleaner!

8pcs Bike Cleaner


8pcs Bike Cleaner High-quality 8 pieces cleaning set with durable thick bristles that can be bent easily.

8pcs Bike Cleaner Multifunctional set that works on mountain bikes and road bikes.

8pcs Bike Cleaner Comprehensive brush that professionally cleans the larger parts of your bike such as wheels. 


tempo_0002_Layer 3.jpg


8pcs Bike Cleaner Tire brush that cleans the tire’s sidewalls more easily than ever, scrubbing grime effectively.

8pcs Bike Cleaner Corner brush that won’t leave a single corner untouched; front brake, disc brake, gap between hubs, dead corner, and all!

8pcs Bike Cleaner Gap brush that will make it easier to reach the gaps between the chainrings and cogs.




8pcs Bike Cleaner Roulette sickle hook to clean off any leaves or grassroots stuck in the bike’s flywheel.

8pcs Bike Cleaner Chain washer; open the washer lid, pour diesel/gasoline, put the chain in, cover the lid, and turn the chain until it’s sparkling clean (apply oil to chain to prevent rusting)!

8pcs Bike Cleaner Coral fleece gloves to clean your bike’s frame & seat (obviously it’s soft so won’t scratch the bike!)




Note: You can use ordinary sediment and water to clean your bike using the 8pcs Bike Cleaner. If there is oil on your chain, use the chain washer as instructed above.




8pcs Bike Cleaner Specifications :

Material: high-quality raw materials

Color: Baby orange & blue




8pcs Bike Cleaner Package list :

1* 8pcs Bike Cleaner kit

Give your bike the best bath ever!


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8pcs Bike Cleaner

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