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The Car Safety Hammer


The Car Safety Hammer


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If you crash into the water, you will have only a few seconds to escape as quickly as possible before things get worse. And as known, the car won’t be able to open and you won’t be able to free yourself from the seatbelt easily.


The Car Safety Hammer


This is why it’s a must to have The Car Safety Hammer in your car! You must always be prepared, and with this Safety Hammer, you will be able to break any glass quickly and easily, cut the seatbelt, and use the SOS flashlight to alarm others. You can also use the normal flashlight every day to find stuff and to illuminate your path!


The Car Safety Hammer is your solution for a rapid escape. Get yours Now!

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The Car Safety Hammer Powerful hammer that can easily cut tempered glass.

The Car Safety Hammer Effective & quick release of pressure to break glass, even under pressure.

The Car Safety Hammer 2 in 1 safety hammer that is also a flashlight and a warning light.


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The Car Safety Hammer Multifunctional hammer that can be a flashlight to use when you lose things, in a tent, etc.

The Car Safety Hammer Ability to cut off the seatbelt when necessary and as quickly as possible.

The Car Safety Hammer Built-in high-capacity battery that provides up to 5 hours of continuous use.


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The Car Safety Hammer High-brightness LED that offers 50-meter beam distance to guide your distance.

The Car Safety Hammer Anti-lost base that can be posted in the car and to offer easy access.


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The Car Safety Hammer Compact & easy to hold to provide quick use and easy storage.

The Car Safety Hammer Waterproof & high-quality material that is also rust, wear & corrosion-resistant to provide high durability.


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The Car Safety Hammer Specifications :

Item Weight: 152g

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh


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The Car Safety Hammer Package List :

1* Car safety hammer


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The Car Safety Hammer

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