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Wireless Doorstop Alarm


Wireless Doorstop Alarm


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Building a smart home should be your top priority. Why? Because the world can be such a scary place to live — burglars, thieves, rapists are always on the lurk. So, you must ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property.


Door Stop Alarm – Blessfy


You can start by arming your door with the Vibration Alarm Door Lock which also works as a doorstop. The alarm gets activated by vibrations and sends a high alarm sound to scare off intruders and alert your neighbors as well.


Be a vigilant landlord or lady and order your Wireless Vibration Alarm Door Lock.

Door Stop Security Alarm - Best price on Bizzoby - Order Now !


Wireless Doorstop AlarmHigh-quality & durable stainless steel that will last for a long time, and so will your home security!

Wireless Doorstop AlarmCan be used as a doorstop when the power switch is turned off, so you have an alarm with multiple uses!


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Wireless Doorstop Alarm120-decibel High-pitched alarm sound that won’t only scare off invaders but also alert neighbors or anyone nearby.

Wireless Doorstop Alarm Continuous siren that won’t stop till the criminals are scared off or arrested!


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Wireless Doorstop AlarmThree-stage sensitivity alarm that gets activated when the door is pushed open. Wireless Doorstop AlarmAdjustable pressure that you can set according to the situation.

Wireless Doorstop AlarmEasy to adjust wedge-shaped alarm that can fit any hinged door.

Wireless Doorstop AlarmDoesn’t need installation & it is easy to carry for travel or use for your office door or any door.


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Wireless Doorstop Alarm Specifications :

Working Voltage:9V



Color: Black

Battery: Not included


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Wireless Doorstop Alarm Package list   :

1* door stop alarm


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Wireless Doorstop Alarm

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