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Waterproof Phone Case


Waterproof Phone Case


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Heading to the pool? Is it going to rain soon? No problem, you can still use your phone wherever you are and under any circumstances, thanks to The Waterproof Phone Case!


Bluwater™ Universal Waterproof Case – Bluwater Supply


This is the only Phone Case that will let you use your phone safely under heavy rain, take clear pictures underwater, and even float with you when swimming! You don’t have to worry at all because this Waterproof Phone Case is made of special material that keeps the phone from sinking, touch-friendly, deep waterproof, sand-proof, heat-resistant, and extremely convenient. 


The Waterproof Phone Case is actually perfect! Order NOW! 

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Waterproof Phone Case The waterproof phone case will provide full protection for your phone from water.

Waterproof Phone Case Touch-friendly case that allows you to use your phone normally and take clear pictures underwater.

Waterproof Phone Case Secure lock seal that makes sure water never touching your phone.


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Waterproof Phone Case Deep waterproof phone case that is suitable for diving.

Waterproof Phone Case Floating design that prevents your phone from sinking into the ocean.

Waterproof Phone Case Heat-resistant material for extra protection when it’s too hot.


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Waterproof Phone Case Soft & safe material that will not hurt your phone.

Waterproof Phone Case Wide compatibility case that fits all phone up to 6.8”.

Waterproof Phone Case Lightweight case that be hung on your neck when swimming and practicing your outdoor activities.


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Waterproof Phone Case Specifications :

Type: Pouch

Size: 6.5 Inches

Design: Transparent

Functions: Waterproof, Anti-knock


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Waterproof Phone CasePackage List :

1* Waterproof phone case


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Waterproof Phone Case

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