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Solar FM Bluetooth Modulator Transmitter


Solar FM Bluetooth Modulator Transmitter


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The Solar FM Bluetooth Modulator Transmitter is the best option for listening to your music on the go. This device plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and directs incoming calls & music from your smartphone through your car radio via Bluetooth. You can listen to your music without having to fumble with cords or headphones. Plus, the built-in solar panel keeps the battery charged while you drive, so you can always enjoy your music worry-free. Order your 




Charging in Daytime


The built-in rechargeable battery powered by solar energy can play music all the way.


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Wired Charging Relieves Your Anxiety In Winter!


No worries if there is no sun to solar-charge it! This smart MP3 also supports wired charging through a Type-C port, keeping it fully charged.


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Just Place and Attract Magnetically


The wireless player is placed on the windshield, so you can pick up and use it easily.


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Wireless 5.0, Stereo Sound, Better Quality


Intelligent noise reduction ensures clear calls without noise.


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4 Modes, Plug and Play


It is compatible with multiple audio inputs such as TF cards, USB disks, AUX interfaces and wireless players.


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Unify Frequency, Synchronize Car with Player


Adjust the car frequency to the same as the player FM frequency, and play it at will.


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Universal, For All Car Models


Universal to All Tablets/Cell Phones/Tablets… Compatible with a variety of audio playback APPs, universal for android/Apple.


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Color: Black

Type-C input: 5V-750mA(Max)

Capacity: 700mAh

Wireless version : Wireless 5.0

Expansion inputs: TF cards/USB disks/AUX interfaces/Wireless players

Weight: About 76.7g

Adapted models: Most cars with FM radio


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1 x  Solar FM Bluetooth Modulator Transmitter


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Solar FM Bluetooth Modulator Transmitter

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