Sunshade Windshield Cover


Sunshade Windshield Cover


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Everyone has experienced the hellish, oven-like interior of a car during summer. We have also experienced the feeling of frustration after finding bird poop on the windshield!


Car anti-freeze cover-universal premium magnetic snow cover, windshiel –


To protect your car from the summer heat and save yourself the trouble of having to deal with bird droppings, dust, rain, fallen leaves, wind, or frost in winter, use the Sunshade Windshield Cover. Cover your car windshield overnight, all seasons, and keep it clean and safe! You will waste no time or effort cleaning the windshield nor waste money fixing a crack due to frost; you can just take the cover off and clean it later.  Plus, it can be easily tucked into your car doors thanks to its security flaps and ties that also protect your car from theft!


Get your Sunshade Windshield Cover this summer or someone else will (we are running out fast)!


Sunshade Windshield Cover


Sunshade Windshield Cover 2 flaps on each side; you can easily and firmly install the cover by shutting the doors.

Sunshade Windshield Cover Protective sunshade cover that also protects the rearview mirror.


Sunshade Windshield Cover


Sunshade Windshield Cover Potent magnets on the top side to keep the windshield cover in place even in harsh weather conditions.

Sunshade Windshield Cover Folding lightweight cover that you can easily store in your car when not used.

Sunshade Windshield Cover Suitable for almost all types of cars, all seasons.


Sunshade Windshield Cover


Sunshade Windshield Cover Specifications :

Color: black

Size: 210*120cm

Material: Polyester Fabric



Sunshade Windshield Cover

Sunshade Windshield Cover Package List :

1*  Sunshade Windshield Cover


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Sunshade Windshield Cover

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