Portable Stainless Steel Toothpick Set


Portable Stainless Steel Toothpick Set


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Our dental floss toothpick kit is here to help. With our metal stainless steel cleaning tool, you can easily and safely clean between your teeth. The hook encircles your tooth and removes any food residues, leaving your teeth sparkly and squeaky clean. You will be able to prevent cavities, tartar and plaque build-up, and you’ll enjoy fresh, healthy gums and breath! Plus, you can use it for a long time — it’s anti-rust, durable, and eco-friendly!




Order your toothpick set, and keep your teeth clean 24/7!

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🔸 Different toothpicks that remove food residues between teeth easily and safely.

🔸 Fix a number of oral health problems: tartar, coffee stains, tea stains, smoke stains, sulcus, etc.


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🔸 Eco-friendly and reusable: It’s made of high-quality stainless steel that resists corrosion and prevents gum problems.

🔸 Portable with a protective metal case that you can attach to your keychain and take with you anywhere.


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Material: Stainless steel


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1 set x stainless steel toothpicks


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Portable Stainless Steel Toothpick Set

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