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Polarized Hiking Sunglasses


Polarized Hiking Sunglasses


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Whether you are hiking, fishing, backpacking, or biking, you tend to spend a lot of time under the sun, so you need to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.


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These polarized lenses drastically reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass, improve clarity, and prevent eye strain on bright sunny days, allowing you to enjoy outdoor adventures safely and comfortably.

Protect your eyes with the Polarized Hiking Sunglasses!

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Polarized Hiking Sunglasses Anti-glare camouflage polarized UV400 lenses that block UV light and protect your eyes from strain.

Polarized Hiking Sunglasses Multi-use lenses that are suitable for hiking, fishing, boating, and any outdoor activities.


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Polarized Hiking Sunglasses Comfortable to wear & keep your eyes comfortable and healthy.

Polarized Hiking Sunglasses Stylish design with one hang cord and one clip-on headband, suitable for men and women, keeping you looking trendy wherever you go.

Polarized Hiking SunglassesAvoid wearing when handling ATM cash machines, dashboard controls, cell phones, and some watches; it can be difficult to view these, which can strain your eyes.


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Polarized Hiking Sunglasses Specifications  :

Color: black

Lens width: 65mmLens

Height: 40mmPC


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Polarized Hiking SunglassesPackage list  :

1* Polarized Hiking Sunglasses


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Polarized Hiking Sunglasses

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