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My Physiotherapy Car Cushion


My Physiotherapy Car Cushion


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Sitting at your desk, lounging on your couch, or driving for hours on end can be painful, especially if you have back problems.



My Physiotherapy Car Cushion will help you sit more comfortably and reduce waist or back pain during long drives and hours at your desk. The breathable memory foam material evenly puts pressure on your neck, upper back, middle, lower back, and even buttocks without causing any sweat accumulation.


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My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Ergonomic design for full waist support so you can drive or work comfortably.

My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Relaxes thigh muscles, neck, back, waist, and hips and relieves pain.


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My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Skin-friendly mesh & breathable memory foam that prevents sweat build-up from sitting.

My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Zipper design, easy to disassemble and wash, clean and hygienic.

My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Suitable for seniors & pregnant women‘s waist to protect the lumbar spine.


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My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Specifications :

Product fabric: 4D grid

Color: white, blue

Product core: slow rebound memory foam

Product size: 46 * 23 * 11cm


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My Physiotherapy Car Cushion Package List :

1* My Physiotherapy Car Cushion


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My Physiotherapy Car Cushion

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