Multifunctional Mini Air Pump Lamp


Multifunctional Mini Air Pump Lamp


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When you go camping, you want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors without having to carry heavy gear or air pumps for your inflatable bed or boat! This mini air pump can quickly inflate/deflate large to small-sized items like pool inflatables, sofas, air mattresses, air beds, air boats, inflatable furniture, swimming rings, sleeping pad and more. Plus, it works as a fire starter, a charger and a lamp to keep your campsite illuminated at night!




Order and stay practical!

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🔸 Convenient and portable – small body with high-efficiency motor and strong power.

🔸 Dimmable campsite lamp – adjustable brightness for any outdoor situation.


4 in 1 Mini Portable Electric Inflatable Pump2.jpg


🔸 2 gear modes – fast fire blast or low wind fire mode to fit any need.

🔸 No smoke or flames needed – fast, strong wind eliminates the need for traditional methods.

🔸 It’s waterproof, compact, with 5 air nozzles, 1 data cable, and 1 storage bag.


4 in 1 Mini Portable Electric Inflatable Pump1.jpg



Material: ABS

Color: As shown

Size: 51.5×57.5x77mm/20*23*30in

Net weight: 160g

Battery capacity: 3600mAh

Waterproof rating: IP55


4 in 1 Mini Portable Electric Inflatable Pump4.jpg



1 x Air Pump Lamp

1 x Storage Bag

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Instructions

5 x Inflation Nozzles


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Multifunctional Mini Air Pump Lamp

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