Multifunctional Hexagon Knife Keychain


Multifunctional Hexagon Knife Keychain


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When you’re in the wild, you’re going to need a knife to cut more than just an apple or cantaloupe! This hexagonal knife/screwdriver/bottle opener will help you out with any emergencies outdoors, from cutting ropes or seatbelts to pulling a nail or thread.




You can also use it as a keychain, can opener, file, screwdriver, ruler, or hex wrench.


Order yours and stay prepared!

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🔸 The small hexagon shape makes it a compact and easy-to-carry tool.

🔸 Multifunctional tool: ruler, hex wrench, bottle opener, file, thread cutter, and nail puller.


Keychain Screwdriver Multifunctional Coin10.jpg


🔸 You can use it as a keychain to hang your keys.

🔸 Perfect gift for anyone, both men and women who like to be practical.


Keychain Screwdriver Multifunctional Coin8.jpg



Material: stainless steel

Size: 3.8*4.3CM

Weight: about 60g


Keychain Screwdriver Multifunctional Coin3.jpg



1 x multifunctional keychain


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Multifunctional Hexagon Knife Keychain

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