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Mirror Protective film


Mirror Protective film


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When it’s rainy or foggy outside, it’s almost impossible to see the cars behind you clearly, which increases the risks of accidents. But, why risking your life when you can use this Protective Film?


Mirror Protective film


On rainy, snowy, and foggy days, this Window Mirror Film will clarify the view area and forecast the next surroundings when changing lanes. You will be able to see clearly and reduce any possible danger, even if it was raining heavily! The Mirror Protective Film is anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-oil, waterproof, and anti-reflective!


Add security and reduce any possible danger with The Window Mirror Film!

Mirror Protective film


Mirror Protective film Optical Nano-coating that is anti-glare, anti-fog, rain-proof, waterproof, anti-oil & anti-reflective mirror film to provide a highly-clear view.

Mirror Protective film Durable & high-quality material to ensure your safety during any weather condition.


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Mirror Protective film HD & anti-scratch car mirror film that provides 99% visible light transmittance coating technology.

Mirror Protective film Easy to install, just spray water on your window, place the mirror film, tear the blue layer, and your HD perspective rain-proof paste will be ready to use!

Mirror Protective film Universal size that is suitable for all standard size mirrors, including cars, trucks, trailers, and so on.


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Mirror Protective film Specifications :

Item Type: Stickers

Size: 95x95mm or 95*135mm

Material Type: PVC


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Mirror Protective film Package List :

2* Anti-fog rearview mirror film


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Mirror Protective film

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