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Military Survival Bracelet


Military Survival Bracelet


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Going for adventure? Are you sure you packed everything in your survival pack? Well, the survival pack will never be complete if you don’t have The Military Survival Bracelet, securely locked to your wrist!


Military Survival Bracelet


The Military Survival Bracelet is made of strong paracord to offer you multiple uses, like trapping animals, fixing boats, or tying the tent. Plus, it has the survival whistle to help others navigate easily to your location! The Survival Bracelet also comes with a compass and strong buckle to ensure its security on your wrist and so you will never be lost!

The Survival Bracelet is designed to save you in time of need! Get one NOW!

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Military Survival Bracelet The survival bracelet comes with a plastic buckle so you will never lose it.

Military Survival Bracelet Emergency whistle that will help you in case of emergencies.

Military Survival BraceletMultifunctional bracelet that can replace your shoelaces, replace a broken zipper pull, make fishing line, and turn into pulling ropes that can be used for tents, drying clothes, and many more.


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Military Survival Bracelet A reliable compass to identify your location wherever you are.

Military Survival Bracelet Bright LED light for night illumination and emergency incidents.

Military Survival Bracelet Fashionable with an exquisite knitted design that is suitable for daily wear and comfortable to wear.


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Military Survival Bracelet Durable & highly strong paracord that is up to 140kg.

Military Survival Bracelet Great holiday gift idea for your adventurous friends, family, and yourself.

Military Survival BraceletA must-have item for campers, backpackers, hunters, and outdoor people.


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Military Survival Bracelet Specifications :

Type: Survive Paracord Bracelet

Category: Paracord

Material: Nylon Paracord Plastic Buckle

Design: Led Lights

Length: 25cm/9.8”

Diameter: 4mm/ 0.15”

Weight: 45g


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Military Survival Bracelet Package List :

1* Survival Bracelet


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Military Survival Bracelet

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