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LED Flashlight Gloves


LED Flashlight Gloves


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Ever been in a situation where you thought that what you really need is a light coming from your hands? You can have that now with these LED Flashlight Gloves!


LED Light Gloves Makes Your Work In The Darkness Easier And Safer


The LED Flashlight Gloves are very useful if you are a big fan of camping and night activities. With 2 powerful LED lamps on each glove, you will be able to point a bright light to any place easily. They are super lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, breathable, and stretchy with a strap to adjust perfectly to any hand size. oh, also, the battery lasts up to 30 hours!


Bringing light to your fingertips is easy with the LED Flashlight Gloves!

LED Flashlight Glove - Jnelr


LED Flashlight Gloves Fingerless gloves with LED light on index and thumb fingers, perfect to point light to where it’s needed.

LED Flashlight Gloves High-quality cotton that provides high durability.


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LED Flashlight Gloves Comfortable & waterproof gloves with an adjustable strap.

LED Flashlight Gloves Great luminosity that lasts around 30 hours using button batteries.


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LED Flashlight Gloves Practical & creative gift for birthday, father’s day or to any DIY handyman or woman

LED Flashlight Gloves Perfect for early morning/night outdoor activities.

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LED Flashlight Gloves Specifications :

Material: Cotton.

Weight: ~ 20g.

LED: button battery


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LED Flashlight Gloves Package list :

1* Flashlight Outdoor Gloves


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LED Flashlight Gloves

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