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Kids Walkie Talkie


Kids Walkie Talkie


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Are you always worried about your child when you’re running an errand nearby or when they’re at a friend’s house? Getting your little one a smartphone to stay connected is not really a wise option — smartphone addiction is a thing and you don’t want to turn your child into a zombie!


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We’ve got a solution for you: With the Mini Kids Walkie Talkie, you won’t have to worry about your kids when you’re away from home for a little while, as it will allow you to check up on them at all times. Plus, it’s fun and safe, and your kids will love it!


Want to have peace of mind? Order your 3-piece Mini Walkie Talkie!

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Kids Walkie TalkiePortable & lightweight 3 units that are a brilliant gift toy for your kids and their friends!

Kids Walkie TalkieTwoway radio technology that allows you and your kids to keep in contact with each other using radio waves.

Kids Walkie TalkieRange reaches up to 3 miles which is great if you’re not planning to get too far from home, so it’s perfect for quick trips, etc.


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Kids Walkie TalkieAutomatic channel scanning that finds open channels fast (total of 22 channels) and connects you with your kids as long as the distance is less than 3 miles.

Kids Walkie TalkieGood sound quality & adjustable volume so you and your kids can hear each other clearly, which is perfect for emergencies.

Kids Walkie TalkieNoise reduction technology that filters background noise and puts emphasis on noise from the talker, producing a clear and smooth voice.


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Kids Walkie TalkieVOX function that helps send your voice without pressing a button, so it turns on when you speak and off when you stop speaking.

Kids Walkie TalkieKeyboard lock function that helps prevent kids from accidentally switching the Walkie Talkie, leaving them connected.

Kids Walkie TalkieBuilt-in flashlight that helps you or your kids in case of a power outage.


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Kids Walkie TalkieMain channel & subchannels performing multiple tasks: “lamp,” “Talk,” “switch,” “volume,” “menu,” and “exit” buttons so you can easily talk to your kids.

Kids Walkie TalkieDifferent colors are available, making it easy to split up among kids to avoid fights about which one belongs to whom!

Kids Walkie TalkieBelt clip & drawcord that make it easy to carry and difficult to lose!


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Kids Walkie TalkieBacklit LCD display & battery status indicator that alerts you when it’s about to die so you can recharge fast for reuse.

Kids Walkie TalkieHigh-quality materials that are completely safe for your kids and highly durable to withstand their wild adventures.


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Kids Walkie TalkieSpecifications :

Color: pink, yellow, blue

Battery: Each requires 4 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)

Transmission power = <0.5W

Channels: 22

Range: up to 3 miles

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Kids Walkie TalkiePackaging :

3*  walkie talkie




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Kids Walkie Talkie

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