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Icy Cooling Neck Tube


Icy Cooling Neck Tube


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This summer is making us wish we could just carry around an iceberg — it’s too hot to handle! Luckily, you can get something that is becoming very popular among people this summer: The Icy Cooling Neck Tube. Place this reusable high-strength plastic tube into iced water, or anywhere under 64°F (18°C) such as an AC, and it will absorb the icy temperatures so that when you wear it around your neck, you’ll feel cool, you’ll sweat less, and you’ll enjoy the outdoors more thanks to its soothing effect!




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🔸 It’s super soft and comfortable on your neck, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

🔸 Keeps you cool and comfortable in the hot summer sun while walking, hiking, cycling, etc.


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🔸 Strong, reusable, eco-friendly and waterproof, keeping you cool for a long time.

🔸 A Very thoughtful gift for a loved one.


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Material: environmentally friendly PP, ice crystal mixture

Size: L (115*5mm), M (95*5mm), S (85*5mm)


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1 x tube


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Icy Cooling Neck Tube

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