Folding Wash Machine


Folding Wash Machine


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It’s almost impossible to wash your clothes efficiently when out camping or during a business trip. Plus, it’s an annoying chore! This is why you should have your own Folding Wash Machine that will take care of your dirty laundry in minutes!


Folding Wash Machine


This Ultrasonic Folding Washing Machine allows you to load 1Kg of clothes for efficient deep cleaning and sanitizing! It’s safe, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, and USB-powered to let you operate anywhere! The Folding Wash Machine also comes with low-noise motor, compact size, and portable design, so you will never deal with dirty clothes again!


Folding Wash Machine


Folding Wash MachineUltrasonic & intelligent interaction that will clean your clothes quickly but efficiently.

Folding Wash MachineThe folding wash machine is an independent washing machine that achieves the purpose of cleaning and sterilization anywhere!


Folding Wash Machine


Folding Wash MachineSafe USB power supply that automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of operation to save energy.

Folding Wash MachineEnvironmentally-friendly, advanced high-frequency vibration & quick stain peeling to provide deep cleaning with less water and laundry liquid.


Folding Wash Machine


Folding Wash MachineBig capacity as it can carry 1kg of laundry weight with 99.98% sterilization capacity.

Folding Wash MachineCompact, foldable & portable for easy storage and to conveniently carry it anywhere.


Folding Wash Machine


Folding Wash MachineLow noise motor that will not disturb you or anyone when operating.

Folding Wash MachineIdeal for dorms, small apartments, camping, RV, business trips, and more to have clean clothes everywhere!


Folding Wash Machine

Folding Wash MachineSpecifications :

Input: DC 5V 3A

Color: White + Blue

Material: plastic

Size: Fold 26x26x19cm

Folding Wash Machine

Folding Wash MachinePackage List :

1* Mini washing machine


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Folding Wash Machine

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