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Bike Signal Vest


Bike Signal Vest


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Many accidents happen on the road to cyclists every day due to the lack of warnings to the drivers, so if you enjoy riding your bike, or have kids who do, then you are risking all of your lives every time!

Bike Signal Vest

Get The Bike Signal Vest that is specially designed to make your intents clear for road users without the need to take your hand off the handlebar. By using the wireless remote control, you will show the drivers when you are going right, left, forward, or stopping! The Signal Vest is durable, highly-visible, and waterproof to guarantee your safety at nighttime, daytime, winter, and forever!

Bike Signal Vest

Life is too precious to lose it on the road… Get The Bike Signal Vest for you and your loved ones now!


  • The bike signal vest is a signal indicator that will keep you safe and protected when cycling during the day and night.
  • LED remote warning to alarm drivers when you are turning left, right, forward, or stopping.

Bike Signal Vest

  • Durable, waterproof & high-quality material that affectively works during the rain and provides long use time.
  • Simple, compact & wireless remote controller that lets you quickly and easily control the vest when biking.

Bike Signal Vest

  • Extra inner pocket where you can keep the remote control, your phone, keys, or anything necessary.
  • Lightweight with unique appearance to keep you comfortable and visible to guarantee your safety.
  • Perfect for adults and children! 



Product size: 250*250mm

Packing: nylon

Function: Turn indicator and parking warning

Shell material: PC+ABS

Communication method: wireless frequency 2.4GHZ

Control distance: 3m

Backpack/Pendant: Waterproof fabric

Working time: 12-15H

Charging time: 3H (with LED indicator)

Remote control battery: 2xCR2032 (built-in)

Receiving battery: 4.2V, 650mAh lithium battery

Instruction type: turn left, turn right, forward, stop standby

Bike Signal Vest


Package List

1* LED indicator pack

1* remote control

1* remote control cardholder

4 *cable ties

1* USB cable

1* Instruction manual

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