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Fishing Hip Protector Belt


Fishing Hip Protector Belt


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Problem: You love fishing, but you don’t want to get injured or suffer from back pain. The problem is that most hip protector belts are hard and uncomfortable, and tend to slip off a lot.


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The Fishing Hip Protector Belt is different, though; it’s comfortable, non-slip, and wear-resistant. It comes with a belt & buckle that keeps it in place even when you’re moving a lot while fishing, surf fishing, etc, and it’s suitable for people of different sizes.


Order your ultimate fishing belt!

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Fishing Hip Protector Belt Ultra-lightweight protective hip pad with a ballet that will make you forget you’re wearing it.

Fishing Hip Protector Belt Comfortable & adjustable strap to suit your body and your needs


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Fishing Hip Protector Belt Especially designed for light tackle and surf fishing to keep you safe and comfy.

Fishing Hip Protector Belt Waterproof, non-slip with rubber dots at each corner, proving to be very reliable.


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Fishing Hip Protector Belt Specifications :

Material: Cotton

Color: Black

Thickness: 3mm


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Fishing Hip Protector Belt Package List :

1* Fishing Hip Protector Belt


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Fishing Hip Protector Belt

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