Fish Scale Remover


Fish Scale Remover


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Do you wish that the dreading job of scraping fish scales was easier and less messy? You don’t have to wish anymore.


Fish Scales Grater Scraper Cleaning Tool – Smith n Jones


Meet The Fish Scale Remover, a wonderful scale scraper that is designed to make this job easy! It comes with a cover design and sharp blades to clean your fish quickly while preventing all the scales from flying. Once you are done, your kitchen counters will still be as clean!


Your fish will be ready in less than 2 minutes with The Fish Scale Remover! Order now.

Fish Scale Remover – auldcook | Upcycled gifts, Upcycled crafts, Kitchen gadgets


🔸  Effective & easy way to clean your fish without creating a mess.

🔸  Convenient operation with cover design to prevent the scale from flying around.

🔸  Safe scale brush that is made of plastic to not hurt your hands when working fast.


Fish Scale Remover_0002_Layer 8.jpg


🔸  Non-toxic & high-quality material that provides high durability.

🔸  Easy to clean to never keep the smell of fish lingering.

🔸  Fish-shaped design with a hanging hole to help decorate your kitchen with a cute tool.


Fish Scale Remover_0008_Layer 1.jpg


🔸  Specifications :

Material: ABS+PS

Weight: 61g

Size: 16×5.5×4.2cm


Fish Scale Remover_0010_1.9in.jpg


🔸  Package List :

1* Fish scale scraper




Fish Scale Remover


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