Emergency Survival Blanket


Emergency Survival Blanket


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Do you have an emergency blanket in your emergency kit? After an accident outdoors or in the middle of a storm, you’ll need to keep your body warm and safe, and that’s where the Emergency Survival Blanket comes!




This blanket is low-weight, waterproof, windproof, heat-reflective, thin, and can warm you in winter and shield you from the scorching sun in summer. Plus, it is reflective, making it easier for rescuers to find you! Order your survival blanket!


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🔸 After an accident, the body temperature can drop sharply so this blanket will cover and warm you, especially under the rain.

🔸If your car breaks down in a cold area or at night, you can use an emergency blanket to keep your body warm.


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🔸 The emergency blanket can be used as a reflective film to send a signal to rescuers.

🔸 On rainy days, the emergency blanket can be used as a rain poncho; it can be opened as a rain shed.


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🔸 For parking under direct sunlight in summer: cover the car’s front windshield with the emergency blanket to reduce heat absorption in the car.

🔸 Put an emergency blanket in the sleeping bag to keep warm.


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Material: PET film + coating

Color: silver

Storage volume: 11*2*8cm

Area: 210X160cm

Thickness: 0.01197 (mm)=11.97um


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🔸 Package list:

1 x Emergency Survival Blanket


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Emergency Survival Blanket

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