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Crystal Car Wax Set


Crystal Car Wax Set


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Does the mere sight of your car make you want to sell it at a cheap price just to get rid of it?! It sounds dramatic, but that’s how you’d feel if your car looked so beat up and rusty even when it’s still driveable!




The Crystal Car Wax Set can make any car look brand new without much effort. It’s quick, convenient, and fun —just swipe it over the wheels, headlights, glass, leather seats, plastic parts, and any painted surface, and it will make them look bright and fresh. 

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Crystal Car Wax Set Waterproof coating wax that protects your car and hides all imperfections, including scratches.

Crystal Car Wax Set Polishes & protects several parts of your car, including the glass, seats, wheels, and more.


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Crystal Car Wax SetDurable palm wax with a shelf life that goes up to three years.

Crystal Car Wax Set Available in black and white to suit your car’s color.


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Crystal Car Wax Set Specifications :

Material: Palm wax

Capacity: 200 (ml)

Net weight: 200 (g)

Color set: black, white


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Crystal Car Wax Set Package List: :

1* Crystal Car Wax Set


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Crystal Car Wax Set

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