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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm


Bike Anti-Theft Alarm


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You go everywhere using your bike? You have to do your best to protect it or you might end up going back home walking.

Bike Anti-Theft Alarm


Strap The Anti-Theft Alarm on your bike and worry no more! As soon as the bike is touched, there will be a loud alarm that will scare away all thieves. Also, it will sense a dangerous fall if the tilt was greater than 45° and will automatically call for help for you. The Bike Anti-Theft Alarm is waterproof, dustproof, sturdy, and durable. Basically, it’s every cycler’s great companion!


Don’t use your bike unless it has a Bike Anti-Theft Alarm! Order now.

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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Loud alarm with adjustable volume to scare off potential thieves instantly.

Bike Anti-Theft Alarm 7 levels adjustable sensitivity to alarm you when it’s gently touched or when being forcefully pushed.

Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Remote control to help you control from a distance and show you where your bike is parked.


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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Waterproof alarm to help your bike remain safe during all seasons.

Bike Anti-Theft Alarm SOS help function to automatically call for an emergency if you accidentally fall and the tilt is greater than 45°.


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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Replaceable & durable batteries that provide up to 10 months of daily use.

Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Sturdy & dustproof PC material that provides high durability.


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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Multi-purpose anti-theft alarm that is suitable for bikes, electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Great gift idea for cyclers and students who go everywhere with their bikes.


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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Specifications :

Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (included, replaceable)

Detection distance: 10 (m)

Installation method: Mount

Communication method: wireless

Weight: 125 (g)

Alarm mode: on-site buzzer alarm


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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm Package List :

1* Electric bike anti-theft alarm


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Bike Anti-Theft Alarm

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