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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces


Anti-Slip Shoe Braces


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It’s getting snowy and icy out there, which means your chances of slipping and falling is increasing! If you are at an older age, then you must lower these chances because it’s more dangerous for you and your aging bones. Be prepared this winter with The Anti-Slip Shoe Braces!


Anti-Slip Shoe Braces


In 3 seconds only, you can wear these Anti-Slip Shoe Braces on your boots, sneakers, or whatever you’d like to guarantee your safety. They provide excellent grip and will help you walk for hours on icy or muddy areas securely. These Shoe Spikes are lightweight and extremely comfortable, you will forget you are wearing them. Plus, they will not slip off no matter what!


Just forget about dangerous and painful falls with The Anti-Slip Shoe Braces! 

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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Excellent grip on slick surfaces to make walking on snow and slippery ice easier.

Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Ultra-light & comfortable shoe braces that will never feel too heavy or too tight. You won’t even feel them!


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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Highly elastic & easy to wear, it will take you only 3 seconds!

Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Secure & sturdy braces that will not slip off throughout the day.


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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Fit on ALL shoes, including sneakers, boots, dress shoes, etc.

Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Perfect for many activities like climbing, walking on muddy/slippery/ snowy ground, and ice sports.


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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Specifications :


M (L*W=200*120mm): UK (5-8) / USA (5-8) / EUR (36-41)

XL (L*W=240*145mm): UK (11-13) / USA (11-14) / EUR (45-48)


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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces Package List :

1* Pair Shoe braces


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Anti-Slip Shoe Braces

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