6Pcs Realistic Worm UV Fishing Bait


6Pcs Realistic Worm UV Fishing Bait


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Most fishing baits are rather ineffective! You’ll need a realistic-looking one like the luminous worm/fly Fish bait! This bait is hand-woven and luminous under UV light, making it one of the most attractive options on the market today. Plus, the bionic fleece makes this bait swim in water just like a real fish, increasing your chances of catching something big.




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🔸 Use a high-carbon steel fishhook that is sharp and will stab the fish fast.

🔸 Hand-woven with a high degree of realism, making it more lifelike.


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🔸 Made with bionic fleece that makes it swim in water very realistically.

🔸 UV material makes the bait easier to be found and chased by fish.

🔸 Comes with a hi-carbon steel hook that is ultra sharp, has a barb, and is black nickel-finished.



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● Size: #10(13.8mm length), #12(12.7mm length)

● Weight: about 0.27/pc for size #10, about 0.25/pc for size #12

● Color: Caddi’s UV Green


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6Pcs x fishing bait


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6Pcs Realistic Worm UV Fishing Bait

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