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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp


3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp


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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp


Is your camping lamp taking up too much space in your backpack? Is it not light enough or bright enough for a pitch-black camping night? If all of the above, that means it’s time for a glow-up!


3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp


The 3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp with folding handle is lightweight & more portable and has three modes of LED light — high, low, and flash for camping or hiking emergencies. It works with batteries so you can carry it for night strolls, hang it in your tent or from a tree all night!


Transform your outdoor adventures with the 3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp!

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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Dual-purpose; works as a flashlight when carried & a camping lamp when resting.

3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp 3 LED lighting modes to meet your needs; strong light, dim light, and emergency strobe light.

3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Foldable & lightweight; it stretches & contracts so won’t take up much space in your bag & you can just slip it into your pocket.


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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Folding handle that is easy to hold or hang anywhere you like— tree, tent, etc.

3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Works with 3 * aa batteries (batteries not included) but avoid the 14500 lithium battery as it will damage it due to exorbitant voltage!

3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Durable ABS material with rubber coating on the surface to last you a long time on your outdoor adventures!


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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Specifications :

Material: ABS + rubber

Color: red, orange, yellow, blue, green

Battery: 3 * aa batteries (not included)

Contraction size: 8.5 * 4.8cm / 3.3 * 1.9in (d * h)

Stretching size: 8.5 * 12.5cm / 3.3 * 4.9in (d * h)

Weight: 118g


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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp Package list :

1* 3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp


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3-Mode Foldable Camping Lamp

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