2Pcs Band-aid Zip Stitches


2Pcs Band-aid Zip Stitches


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 A small cut or scrape can easily become infected if not properly cleaned and closed. The Band-Aid Zip Stitches is a revolutionary new product that allows users to close minor wounds fast and painlessly. Our bandages are adjustable and customizable so you can precisely control how you close the wound.




Order and protect your wound from infections.

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🔸 Wound Without Needles: Wound closure without needles, No skin puncturing & associated pain.

🔸 Strong And Secure: Protects the wound while keeping it securely closed, even during joint flexion.


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🔸 Adjustable length: Ability to adjust and customize the tension across the length of the wound so users can precisely control how they close the wound.

🔸 Effective and portable: small and flat, so you can place multiple devices nearby to pull them out immediately when you need treatment.

🔸 Using Band-Aids Can Reduce Stitches: Reduce the pain during recovery and peeling and reduce scars.


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Material: Zip Wound Closure

Size: 70 x60mm

Internal mouth: 10mm



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1. Hold lock in place and pull strap to tension. Repeat for each strap. Do not over-tighten. If the device is overtightened, remove and replace it with another device.

2. Cut each strap as short as possible by lifting the loop and cutting close to lock housing.


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1 box = 2Pcs bandage


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2Pcs Band-aid Zip Stitches

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