2 In 1 Recycling Can Smasher Opener


2 In 1 Recycling Can Smasher Opener


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You want to be a better environmentalist but sometimes feel like it’s difficult to prepare some objects for recycling? That’s because you probably haven’t experienced this recycling can crusher/bottle opener.


This handy tool quickly and easily crushes cans so you don’t have to use your own hands. It is also a wall-mounted bottle opener. It’s easy to use and makes recycling a breeze.


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🔸 Get the most out of your recycling with this easy-to-use crusher.

🔸 Made of durable steel that can smash up to 500 ml.


2 In 1 Recycling Can Smasher Opener


🔸 The easy-to-grip handle ensures optimal control when crushing.

🔸 It’s also a bottle opener with an easy grip, making recycling easier.


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Material: aluminium

Capacity: 16oz 500ml


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1 x can crusher


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2 In 1 Recycling Can Smasher Opener

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