W-Proof Lighter

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Imagine a lighter that can’t be put out with wind or water. Now imagine using that lighter when it’s raining while camping or when you’re at the pool. Don’t you think that your life will be much easier?!


Dual Arc Electric Lighter - Action Guy


Drop the W-Proof Lighter in water all you want, it will always burn brighter! It is made from durable ABS and zinc alloy to last you a lifetime & it’s also waterproof & windproof to withstand harsh weather conditions while camping, hiking, and more.


Enjoy your outdoor adventures & barbeque dates to the max!

W-Proof Lighter


W-Proof Lighter Electric lighter that you can use to light candles, make barbeque, and more!

W-Proof Lighter Waterproof & windproof so you won’t struggle to light your cigarettes when it’s raining or bbq fire when it’s windy.


USB Charging Silent Lighter | Mexten Product is of High Quality


W-Proof Lighter USB Rechargeable; it takes only 2 hours to charge.

W-Proof Lighter Durable ABS and zinc alloy to endure falls and other outdoor conditions (camping, mountaineering, etc).

W-Proof Lighter Lightweight and comes with a strong strap so you can easily slip it into your pocket or hang it anywhere.


waterproof lighter_0029_img_1_Waterproof_Usb_Electronic_Lighter_Dual_A.jpg


W-Proof Lighter Specifications :

Material: ABS + zinc alloy

Adapter input: dc 5.0(+-0.25v)

Charging time: 2 hours

Size: 49*47.5*17.5mm


waterproof lighter_0024_img_6_Waterproof_Usb_Electronic_Lighter_Dual_A.jpg


W-Proof Lighter Package list :

1* lighter

1* usb cable

1* strong strap


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W-Proof Lighter

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