USB Ultrasonic Dishwasher Machine


USB Ultrasonic Dishwasher Machine


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If you can’t afford a normal dishwasher or wish you could take your dishwasher with you on travels, we’ve got good news for you: The USB-charging Ultrasonic Dishwasher Machine uses vibration to create strong bubbles in the kitchen sink or container and clean your dishes quickly!




The biggest perk is that you can take it with you anywhere, to your vacation house or any place without a dishwasher! Order your USB Ultrasonic Dishwasher Machine!


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🔸  Super shock wave bubble dishwasher, safe, convenient and fast, saving time and electricity.

🔸  15-second high-frequency vibration: using high-frequency vibration to remove liquids and stains.


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🔸 15 seconds of super-energy bubbles, flush into the water with strong bubbles, peel off the deep dirt of the object, the two work together to achieve a better cleaning effect.

🔸 15-minute power-off protection, built-in smart core, automatic timing switching mode, high-frequency vibration switching every 15 seconds, 15-second strong bubble, and automatic power-off after 15 minutes of cycle work.

🔸 USB power supply is simple and convenient, and the USB charging head can charge at any time.


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🔸 Specification :

Product Name: Mini Ultrasonic Dishwasher

Color: gold/silver

Product material: ABS

Product size: 120*60mm

Weight: 255g

Input voltage: DC 5V

Input current: 2A

Operation mode: mechanical

Rated power: 5W

Power supply mode: USB

Rated voltage: 5V


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🔸 Package list :

Dishwasher *1

Packing color box *1

USB power cord *1


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USB Ultrasonic Dishwasher Machine

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