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USB Pocket Massager


USB Pocket Massager


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If you’re prone to body aches, you’d better keep a mini massager with you to use at work or wherever you go, especially if you take long-haul flights and drives. The USB Pocket Massager targets specific muscles, knots, and sore spots in your body.



This massager will help decrease tension and increase your blood flow and relieve back pain, hip pain, shoulder and neck pain, or leg pain, etc. 


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USB Pocket Massager A handheld massager that you can take with you while traveling and relieve body aches and muscle tension.

USB Pocket Massager USB rechargeable to use even when you’re out camping or hiking.

USB Pocket Massager Safe, lightweight, and fits anywhere, pocket, bag, purse, and is very easy to store.


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USB Pocket Massager Specifications :

Material: Plastic

Weight: Enhanced 170g

Power supply: USB


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USB Pocket Massager Package List :

1* USB Pocket Massager


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USB Pocket Massager

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